Every Saturday in 2012, the Occupy Oakland Tactical Action Committee (OOTAC) has held a "Fuck the Police" march originating at Oscar Grant Plaza at 14th and Broadway in downtown Oakland, near the 12th St. Civic Center BART stop.

Since J28, many active Occupy Oakland activists, including members of the OOTAC, have received "Stay-Away" orders from OGP, which prevent them from congretating at the plaza in front of City Hall for Occupy Oakland events, and even from attending City Council Meetings.

There are several routes these marches take, in the past often focusing on having a rally in front of the Oakland Police Department headquartes. The #FTP march has never reached this destination, but the #f14 action on Valentine's day 2012 did reach OPD HQ, met with a small group of seemingly purposeless riot police.

Since the stay-aways, #FTP marches have headed up Telegraph to meet those with stay-away orders at 19th and Telegraph.

Recent marches have led all the way to UC Berkeley campus and Fruitvale BART, where Oscar Grant was murdered by BART Police.