For new year's eve 2011, Occupy Wall Street staged a series of actions throughout the day.

Zuccotti nye dancing

Protesters decorating and dancing atop a stack of barricades in the first minutes of 2012.

In the first hours of 2012, Occupy Wall Street protesters retook the park / square, stacked the police barricades, turned them into a holiday decoration, and began dancing atop them, chanting "Whose year? Our year!" and "Bloomberg, beware, Zuccotti park is everywhere!".

Cops amassed along the north side of Zuccotti Park in the early moments of Jan 1, 2012.

Protesters split off for a march and began to witness NYPD amassing around the park. They began to disassemble the pile of barricades, kettled protesters into the park with them, declared the park closed, and forced protesters out.

Simultaneously, a group of protesters broke off and marched through the streets. These protesters encountered a number of odd police tactics, eventually leading to a kettling and the arrest of a livestreamer and National Lawyer's Guild legal observer.