The #Occupy iPhone and Android User Group

Frequently made criticismEdit

How can you protest when you have an iPhone?

Examples of tweets

"Killer Apps"Edit


  • Facebook

Obvious way to spread information amongst friends quickly.

  • Twitter Client

A more 'niche' way to follow the 'conversation' around the Occupy movement


see -> hastags


Location based social network

- a good solution for 'taking attendance'


  • Camera App

obvious choice, but make sure you share the shit out of whatever photos/videos you take

  • Youtube

Upload all footage straight to youtube

  • iMovie app

Edit together your clips, quickly and easily to give it some context

  • Bambuser

Personal live streaming


  • Quora

answer questions

see full article

  • Tether/hotspot

Data monitoring


Collective Data

Often plans (in Australia) come with free facebook/twitter/foursquare, this is great news for communal tethering.

Communal Data plans,

together we have X amount of GBs to share each month.

My proposal is that you we can share our data in static occupy events.

Name, @twitter, Data per month, Free?, SSID (network name),