The West Coast Port Shutdown was a coordinated direct action primarily between Occupy Oakland, Occupy Portland, Occupy Seattle, and other mostly-U.S. West Coast port cities in solidarity with port workers in Longview, as well as Longshore workers, Teamsters, and independent truckers. The port shutdown spread to Houston and included an action by rail workers in Japan who have traditionally gone on strike in solidarity with Longview ILWU.

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The coordinated shutdown of some of the world's most active ports could not be accomplished by a narrow set of interests, and the individuals involved in the West Coast Port Shutdown chose to participate in a large-scale direct action for a number of reasons, most notably:

  • Solidarity between Occupy Encampments in the face of police brutality
  • Support of Longview truck drivers fired for wearing Teamsters t-shirts
  • Opposition to Goldman Sachs and EGT, a grain exporter in conflict with ILWU


A number of cities had partial or full interruption of business at their ports, and numerous other cities had related protests and other actions.

Ports shut downEdit

  • Oakland: 24h
  • Portland
  • Seattle, and Longview

Partial shutdowns / related actionsEdit

  • Long Beach
  • San Diego
  • Hueneme (Ventura County)
  • Vancouver, B.C

More informationEdit